Hey, I’m Bethany.

I’m a New Englander, born and raised. Though I’ve lived in many other places over the years, New England will always be home for me. I love the seasons, the landscapes, and the ocean, but the biggest reason I love New England is because it’s where my family lives, both mine and my husband’s. Home is where the heart is, after all.

What do I do for work? Well, my official degree is in Theology and Ministry, but my current occupation is “mom.” It’s the hardest and yet most rewarding job that I’ve ever had!

Since I never leave my “job”, I decided early on in my career as a stay-at-home-mom that in order to maintain my sanity, I needed a creative outlet of some sort! That’s why I started A Simple Family Kitchen. For me, it’s an interesting way to connect with others who love some of the same things I do: faith, food, family, and fun.

The kitchen has always been my favorite room in the house because it’s where life happens. Meals are shared, stories are told, friendships are formed, and memories are made in the kitchen. My hope is that A Simple Family Kitchen becomes a place where these same things happen.

I hope that you will enjoy our family’s stories and come away with some practical tips and tasty recipes to share with your own family.


Let’s Connect!

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