It’s Day One

Welcome to my brand new blog! It doesn’t have any content yet, but it will in the days to come. (Time permitting of course, I do have a busy toddler!)

Having a busy toddler is one reason why I decided to start a blog. As a stay-at-home mom, I’ve found that I need a way to connect with other like-minded people and have a creative outlet for myself. Otherwise, it feels like I’m working from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep, which doesn’t make for a happy mama.

Another reason I wanted to start a blog is because my husband has health issues which we have been trying to address through diet and lifestyle changes over the past two years. Specifically, he has ulcerative colitis and psoriasis, as well as a couple other skin issues that we haven’t quite figured out yet. My hope is to encourage others who are in similar situations by sharing some of the things that we’re trying, and giving an honest assessment of how they worked out for us.

So what can you expect to find on this little blog? For now, you can expect to find healthy recipes and anecdotes of our experiences with different products and lifestyle changes as we try to live more naturally.

I look forward to connecting with fellow “crunchy” (in-training) mamas or people struggling to find a natural solution to their autoimmune conditions.


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